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  • 11 Silly Pizza Cutters September 2022

    If you’re making home made pizza or if you ordered pizza from that place that doesn’t cut it all the way through, you’re going to need a pizza cutter. Below we have 11 pizza cutters to add some fun to your crust cutting. 1. Bike pizza cutters Riding on 2 wheels is fun. So why […]

  • Flasks – 5 Odd Shaped Flasks September 2022

    Flasks – 5 Odd Shaped Flasks September 2022

    Even if you’re not into drinking alcohol some of these flasks might be cool enough to put other beverages in as well. Today we’re going to be sharing 5 funny shaped portable drink carriers. There are many flasks out there that are designed to disguise your drinks. The ones that we are sharing today are […]

  • Best Selling Non Nintendo Joy-Con Switch Controllers September 2022

    In this list we’re going to take a look at the 4 best selling Joy-Con copy cat controllers on amazon. Whenever you’re looking into buying off brand controllers make sure you do some extra research on the company and pay close attention to the reviews. It can be especially helpful to know how the company […]

  • Corn Drinks

    Corn Drinks

    With corn being so hot right now I figured it would be a good idea to showcase some corn items that can cool you down. First up with have a corn soda. One reviewer claims that this soda promoted them to a “fourth dimensional being”. Although I would say that the chances of this happening […]

  • TowerFall

    Although at the core TowerFall is an up to 6 player couch combat versus game. We’ve found it amazingly entertaining for kids and adults alike to play the 4 player co-op mode of the game. For the younger, ones who tend to get angry or sad when losing to a sibling or friend, the team […]

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