11 Silly Pizza Cutters September 2022

If you’re making home made pizza or if you ordered pizza from that place that doesn’t cut it all the way through, you’re going to need a pizza cutter. Below we have 11 pizza cutters to add some fun to your crust cutting.

1. Bike pizza cutters

Riding on 2 wheels is fun. So why not ride on 2 wheels across a beautiful cheesy crusty landscape. This pizza cutters all look like bicycles or motorcycles. I decided to include a some of the color options so you can see just how varied these bikes are. One odd thing about all of these cutters (except the motorcycle cutter) is that the front wheel and the back wheel are both blades. This means that in order to reduce mess when you near the edge of your pie, you’ll need to pop a wheelie. Doing this will reduce counter top mess.

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bike pizza cutter
bike pizza cutter
bike pizza cutter
red motorcycle pizza cutter
White bicycle pizza cutter

2. Hatchet Pizza Cutter

I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok. I work all night, and I cut pizza all day. Or something like that. This pizza cutter is perfect for using on pizza that has been cooked in a wood fired pizza oven. Make sure when using this hatchet that you move it back and forth more like a sawing motion than your typical hatchet style chop.

red hatchet pizza cutter

3. Monkey On a Unicycle Pizza Cutter

Don’t let this one trick monkey fool you. After he’s done helping cut your pizza he’s going to ask for a slice of pizza. If you give him a slice of pizza surely next he will ask for a napkin. If you give him a napkin he’s going to use it to make a napkin ghost.

Whatever you do just don’t let that cycle start. Cut the pizza. Wash your monkey pizza cutter off, and put it back in the drawer.

monkey riding a unicycle pizza cutter

4. Circular Saw Pizza Cutter

After a hard day of ripping wood what better way to celebrate. Grab your Boss 3000 Circular Saw Pizza Cutter and get to work. This is a cord free and power free circular saw. It Runs off of hunger and muscles. Prove to everyone in your house that you’re able to operate non power tools.

boss 3000 circular saw pizza cutter

5.Mythrojan Viking Steel Pizza Axe

If you own your own pizza shop or chain of shops this is the pizza cutter for you. I could imagine walking into the shop with this thing on my hip. The team members putting toppings on the pizza whisper to themselves. You grab your peel and slide the freshest pie out of the oven and onto the cutting board. You can imagine what happens next. Close ups of crust crunching under the hand sharpened blade of your pizza axe. Everyone in the lobby claps.

Viking Mythrojan pizza cutter this thing could be dangerous

6. Pizza Scissors

Looking for a dual purpose pizza cutter then this unit is for you. With these scissors you’ll be able to cut your pizza and serve it too! Just be careful most people don’t like having scissors pointed at them.

Specialty pizza scissors

7. Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Going boldly where no pizza cutter has gone before. This beautiful cutter is shaped like USS Enterprise (NCC-1701). When your pizza is supreme and the olives are heavy there is no cutter that is better trusted with the mission at hand. The prime directive, cut all slices the same size!

Starship enterprise pizza cutter

9.Pizza Pi cutter

If only they could have given this pi cutter 3.14 blades. Actually it does have pi on it 3 times. Think about it can you find all the pi’s on this pizza pi cutter? Being another dual blade cutter, when you get to the edge of a pie you’re going to have to pretend it’s a bike cutter and do a wheelie.

Large red pi symbol dual wheel pizza cutter

10.Record Pizza Cutter

Spin this record while you’re spinning records. Some would say that the music it plays while cutting pizza belongs in this years top 10 albums. The music that it plays doesn’t have guitar, bass, or drums. It has the sweet sound of crunching pizza crust under the weight of your hungry pushing body.

html pizza cutter

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