Flasks – 5 Odd Shaped Flasks September 2022

Featured image of a flask next to a tumbler holding a large piece of ice

Even if you’re not into drinking alcohol some of these flasks might be cool enough to put other beverages in as well. Today we’re going to be sharing 5 funny shaped portable drink carriers. There are many flasks out there that are designed to disguise your drinks. The ones that we are sharing today are mostly for novelty purposes, not for stealth.

1.Banana Flask

First off we have a flask that is designed to look like Reddits favorite standard unit of measurement. That’s right it’s a banana flask. Coming in at 5oz it should fit into most standard size pockets. That being said it does look to be a little on the smaller size of the banana scale. It measures approximately 6.3 inches long, and would fit right in at any picnic.

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Banana Flask

2. Pink Sprinkle Donut Flask

Next we have a donut flask. It has classic pink frosting and sprinkles. Which make it a perfect addition to a Homer Simpson Halloween costume. This flask holds 10oz of liquid which is double the amount of the banana. It measures 4.25 inches by 4.7 inches which would make it much harder to squeeze into a front pocket. But it might be able to slide into the back pocket of your Homer costume.

Frosted Donut Flask

3.Hairbrush Flask

Maybe there was a time you wanted to comb your hair and then have a drink. Or maybe you wanted to have a drink and then comb your hair. Either way this flask has you covered. What makes this flask brush even better is that the hair brush isn’t just for disguise, it’s actually functional! This flask is 10.4 inches long, holds 6oz, and is more of a purse or backpack flask than a pocket flask. This is the only unit on our list where the main purpose of it’s existence in concealment. As a bonus there a mirror on the back of the brush so you can look at yourself and see how drunk you are.

Hair Brush Flask

4. Oil Barrel Flask

Perfect for a garage, mechanic, or an oil field worker this “flask” looks like a mini oil barrel. This is the largest flask on our list coming in at 26oz capacity. Which means it can hold an entire 750ml bottle of your favorite golden colored liquid. More of a conversation piece than a travel travel companion coming in at 5.6 inches long and 3.6 inches in diameter. If you want to be sure that it will fit into your pants pocket you’ll need a pair of JNCO jeans.

Oil Barrel Flask

5. Fish Flask

Fish drink all day. This smaller size flask hold enough to keep you drinking for at least part of it. Another cool flask to throw on your desk, put in your tackle box, or up on a shelf. This stainless steel trout flask hold 4oz of liquid and measures 8.5 inches long. This will give you something to do while you’re busy not catching any fish.

Stainless Steel Fish Flask

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