Best Selling Non Nintendo Joy-Con Switch Controllers September 2022

In this list we’re going to take a look at the 4 best selling Joy-Con copy cat controllers on amazon. Whenever you’re looking into buying off brand controllers make sure you do some extra research on the company and pay close attention to the reviews. It can be especially helpful to know how the company handles return and replacement issues.

1. First on our list is a controller from NSGATI. At the time of writing this is the best selling off brand Nintendo controller on Amazon. This one is a pair of joy-con style controllers. This company has gone to great lengths to make these controllers look like the original joy-cons. These controllers have all of these functions of standard switch joy-cons except they do not have the ability to work with amiibo. There are no complaints about the dreaded joy-con drift. And the only issue noted by reviewers was the analog stick may be a little on the sensitive side. All in all with the issues we’ve experienced with the original joy-cons this controller would be worth a try, especially when considering the price.

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2. The next one is a pink and green, watermelonesc colored set of Joy-Cons. These off brand controllers are made/sold by PQoiioQP. Although they are they second best selling Jon-Cons they do have significantly more ratings than our number one seller on this list. They are trying they’re best to mimic the style of the original Nintendo version of the controller and they do a good job. Some of the complaints in the reviews talk of drift and the controllers not working with nintendo sports. The other negative about these controllers is that they do not work with Amiibo.

3. This next set of non Nintendo Joy-Cons comes from a company called deidow. They look to be once again attempting to duplicate the style of the official Joy-Cons. Some of the major complaints contain mentions of the controllers not being able to update and overly sensitive analog sticks. There are several reviews that mention the Once again a downfall of theses controllers is that they don’t work with Amiibo.

4. You guessed it this last one is another Joy-Con replica. Also another controller that doesn’t support Amiibo. This set made by NINIFEI tries it’s best to call on the color scheme of Animal Crossing and does a pretty good job. Major complaints include joystick drift out of the box and odd vibrations when using the rumble feature of the controllers. One of the best things I read in the reiviews was that the company seemed very easy to work with and offered replacements and re-funds without a problem.

Overall it seems like these these controllers are more affordable for a reason. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. We did an analysis of all the products using and actually the number 4 ranked controller came back with the highest rating. What this means is that out of all the controllers listed above it has the most authentic reviews. This is a great a sign and would lead me to purchasing that controller above the others listed here.

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